This year you only need to complete Part One-The Scavenger Hunt!!

PART ONE (1): Poinsettia Scavenger Hunt links

Complete the classroom handout using the highlighted URLs in the PDF link below.




If you lose your original packet, download and print out a new copy.

You will be responsible for completing the packet on your own time.

PART TWO (2): Poinsettia Essay--Read ALL the information for this assignment!

Imagine you are offered a million dollar$ to create AND $ell a new kind of poin$ettia...

Million Dollar Poinsettia Essay Directions:

Details, details, details! Use a lot of different adjectives in your description. Neatness and quality count.

*Extra questions to ask yourself AND answer about this flower.*

  • Is it an indoor only plant or can it stay outdoors in all weather?

  • Can it bloom again next year?

Steps & Due Dates:

1. Poinsettia 5W and How (outline)—

2. Works cited list (sources for facts in essay)—

3. Poinsettia Rough Draft—

4. Poinsettia Final Copy—

5. Poinsettia picture/visual—

--What you cannot finish in class, must be finished on your own time.

--No exceptions.

--Homework club usually meets in Media Center on Tuesday and Thursday after school. Check to make sure.

--Essay and picture are due at the beginning of class on MONDAY, DECEMBER 21.

powerpoint pic.jpg

Check out this power point on tips for writing your essay!

lined_paper.JPGMillion Dollar Poinsettia Essay Writing page for your FINAL copy.

  • If you lose the original writing page, download and print out a new copy.

  • Remember to NEATLY hand write the final copy of your essay using this paper.



  • If you wish to type your essay, make sure it is printed out AND turned in by the due date.

  • You may also email your typed essay to Mrs. Pearson. Include your First and Last name in the Subject Line of the email.

  • Please refer to the high school's website for her email address if you do not have it in your notes.